TONIGHT: Jeanine Stevens and Kimberly White at SPC; more miscellany soon…

Friends, Jeanine Stevens reads TONIGHT at SPC with Kimberly White. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanine as a classmate and her poems are smart and beautiful. I regret I can’t make it–day job calls (blast!)–but you should go if you can!

More coming tomorrow or Weds from Kate’s Miscellany…

Happy reading!



Jeanine Stevens has graduate degrees in Anthropology and Education. She is Professor Emeritus at American River College. Jeanine has three Pushcart Nominations, and poetry awards from The Stockton Arts Commission, The Mendocino Coast Writer’s Conference, and the Bay Area Poet’s Coalition. She was awarded the 2009 Ekphrasis Prize for “Frida in a White Dress.” Chapbooks have been published by Finishing Line Press: Caught in Clouds, Poet’s Corner Press: The Meaning of Monoliths, Rattlesnake Press: The Keeping Room, and The Indian Heritage Council: Boundary Waters. Eclipse, a “little snake broadside,” was published by Rattlesnake Press.

Her poems have appeared in The South Dakota Review, Poet Lore, Poetry Depth Quarterly, Cider Press Review, Ekphrasis, Edge, Sierra Nevada Review, West Wind, Alehouse, Quercus Review, Pearl, Centrifugal Eye, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Tipton Poetry Review, Desert Voices, PMS poem-memoir-story, and Poesy among others. Her photographs and essays have appeared in other publications. Jeanine was raised in Indiana and now divides her time between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. In addition to writing, she enjoys traveling, Tai Chi, Balkan folk dancing, and hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


I wish I were in Bruge again to see the market square,
taste pewter cream, white sausage, and pizza laced with peas.

You rented a bike. I walked bleak streets and floated old canals.
Sun spiked, the day grew late—were we just lip-love weary?

The day grew bleary. I stumbled on wet, mottled cobbles,
searched for you in Antwerp, but just empty ferries.

I ate a sweet waffle, drank a warm sherry, then wanted more
so caught the train to Prague and Kafka’s red door.

Jeanine Stevens

Kimberly White‘s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She is the author of two chapbooks, “A Reachable Tibet” and “Penelope.” Her first novel, “Bandy’s Restola,” was published in 2011. She just celebrated the 29th anniversary of her move to Sacramento, one of the best decisions she ever made.

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