Sponsor Kate as she “runs” a Poetry Writing Marathon!

For the month of March 2015, Kate is participating in the amazing 30/30 Project, an extraordinary challenge and fundraiser for Tupelo Press, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary press. Each month, a new group of volunteer poets runs the equivalent of a “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days, while their friends, family and writing communities “sponsor” and encourage them every step of the way. Read my and the other contributors’ daily poems here!

The volunteers for March 2015 are Kate Asche, Carol Willette Bachofner, Sarah A. Chavez, Patty Joslyn, and Carlene Kucharczyk. Read their full bios by clicking here.

Please support Kate by sponsoring her for any amount of money and/or by participating in one (or both!) of the low-cost fundraiser writing workshops she’s offering (see below) as she DRAFTS A *NEW* POEM EACH DAY ~ FOR 30 DAYS in a row!

View Kate’s special 30/30 project webpage for:

~ donation options;

~ Kate’s pledge to donate $20 from every private workshop registration received in March (Kate’s spring workshop is coming up, starting March 27!);

~ low cost one-day fundraiser workshops in all genres; and

~ *gifts for sponsors!*


And, watch this blog space as Kate posts poems, musings and thank-you’s to sponsors periodically throughout March.

Ready to sponsor Kate? Click here to donate; scroll down to the form at the bottom, and put “Kate Asche 30/30″ in the “Honor” field. Or, if you wish, email Kate at asche (dot) kate (at) gmail (dot) com to send your donation to Kate, who will lump all these together into one donation check at the end of the month; include your mailing address for both Kate and Tupelo to acknowledge you directly.

To read more about the Tupelo Press 30/30 project, including a complete list of our wonderful volunteer poets and to read their poems, please click here.


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