Literary Event Calendars: A Short List

Dearest Writers,


As this year ends and we think about our schedules for next year, where can we go to find out about literary events?


A number of people have reached out to me recently, saying something akin to: “I used to write poetry [or genre of choice]. I haven’t done it in years. Your launch reading [last month, for Our Day in the Labyrinth–video coming soon!] made me want to dust off my journals, start writing again, and get out to readings. But where do I start, to find out about literary events in Sacramento?” What wondrous music to my ears!


In an effort to support the folks who have been inspired, through whatever experience, to return to/continue with their writing, and who have contacted me for resources–and to support you, dear reader!–I share the following short list. Disclaimers: This was assembled quickly, in a season in which I am still recovering my energy, and is thereby necessarily limited. If I am missing a key clearinghouse of literary events and resources in town, please email me at kate (at) kateasche (dot) com and let me know! (Please note: The poetry venues listed below also often list fiction and nonfiction events and series, as well.)


Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!



Some Literary Event Calendars for Sacramento/The Valley/Northern California

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