Valona Deli 2nd Sunday poetry THIS weekend (with jazz!); Tim Kahl reads from the new Century of Travel @ Lunas 12/13; Southwestern haiku anthology seeks subs; So. Cal international CNF mag seeks subs; Trina Drotar offers art and poetry workshops in Sac; submit your announcements to Kate for posting!

Dear Writers, Readers and Friends,

Here is more of the miscellany you love: readings, events, calls for submissions.

Do you know that I love receiving updates from the community to post here? If you run across something you think might interest others, please send it to me at and I will take a look and do my best to post.

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SUNDAY December 9th 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

1323 Pomona Street Crockett, Ca

(see attached flyer)
Hosted by Connie Post

Our Featured Poets for December 2012 are:

Like Family, at the Deli!

Maria Rosales and Evelyn Hardesty

Maria Rosales is a contributing editor for ARTBEAT, the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County’s newsletter. Her poems have appeared in Byline, Poetry Depth Quarterly, Poetalk, Meridian, Contra Costa Times, Nashville Newsletter, The Dirty Napkin, Benicia Herald, and several anthologies. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Ina Coolbrith Circle since 2007

Evelyn Hardesty;

“ I fell in love with poetry in college but began writing seriously five years ago. I have been published in local anthologies and poetry publications and one honorable mention in the 2009 Ina Coolbrith contest. I love the way poetry lets you listen into peoples lives and look forward to you listening into mine”

Additional Notes about the Valona Deli Poetry Series

I will no longer be doing the “Take one Leave One” lending library. Instead I will be doing a raffle at the end of the reading where 2 attendees will receive a free poetry book of some kind!

OPEN MIC notes: “One of the best open mics in the Bay Area!”

The time limit is one page, 2 minutes or less! Those who are the first 30 to sign up for open mic are guaranteed a spot, after 30, please do sign up, however it will be as time allows

Remember to stay for the wonderful Terry Henry Trio Jazz at 6 p.m.!

Please contact me with questions




Tim Kahl reads at Luna’s in celebration of The Century of Travel, his latest book!


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Reading for The Century of Travel

Host: Geoffrey Neill




Southwestern Haiku Anthology Seeks Submissions

Submissions Window: September 1, 2012–January 15, 2013

A new Dos Gatos Press anthology will feature original, previously unpublished haiku/senryu and haiga that focus on the Southwestern United States. Scott Wiggerman and Constance Campbell will serve as editors. Penny Harter will write the preface. We anticipate a 2013 release date.

You need not be a resident of the Southwest to submit. The arrangement of the anthology will be by seasons, though the poems need not include a kigo, or traditional “season” word.

You may submit haiku/senryu or haiga or both. See our website for full details:


Submit up to two haiku/senryu per season (e.g., if you submit two for each season, you can submit up to eight poems). Use the labels Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer to identify your haiku/senryu. You may submit haiku or senryu or both.

If you have any questions about submitting haiku, feel free to contact Scott Wiggerman: <editors(at)> (replace (at) with @)

Submission period: September 1, 2012 through January 15, 2013.


Haiga is an image artistically integrated with haiku. The haiku complements the image; the image complements the haiku. The placement of the haiku is important, as is the choice of typeface or the style of any lettering done by hand.

Our Guidelines:

Submit up to three haiga. Each haiga will include an original image and an embedded haiku—both created by the individual submitting the haiga. Because we use a blind reading process, you will not include a byline/signature on a haiga when you submit it.

Image Guidelines:

Black and white images only—no color images.

Printable space on a page will be 4.4 X 7.25 inches. A vertical haiga might take up an entire page. A horizontal haiga will be limited to the width of our page; we will not rotate a page 90˚ to accommodate a horizontal image.

Digital Images:
Minimum width for an image: 1320 pixels.

Scanning images:

Scan non-digital photographs at 300 dpi or higher.
For pen and ink, line art, or type as line art, scan in bitmap format at 600 dpi or higher.

If one of your haiga is accepted, you will need to submit separate files to us—one for the image itself (without the text) and one for the text itself (haiku and byline/signature)—so that we can work with our printer to achieve the best possible print quality. At this point in the process, you will include your byline/signature on the haiga.

NOTE: Managing Editor David Meischen works with our printer to achieve high quality images. If you have any questions about how to create the image file you submit, please contact him: <managingeditor(at)> (replace (at) with @)

Save files as:

jpg (use high/best compression level)

NOTE: Our submissions manager will not accept an image file with .jpeg or .tif as the file extension. Before you submit an image, be sure that the file extension is .jpg or .tiff

Scott Wiggerman
Dos Gatos Press
1310 Crestwood Road
Austin, Texas 78722
editors(at) (replace (at) with @)








International Journal of Literary Nonfiction



Literary nonfiction essay, memoir, commentary

1000-5000 words

Literary nonfiction narrative poetry

Black & white art and photography

Submission Deadline December 31, 2011

Submit via email:

Published by Loyola Marymount University



Trina Drotar teaches art and poetry workshops at R25 Center for the Arts (25th and R in Sacramento)


Trina L. Drotar is an award-winning literary and visual artist who teaches classes throughout the United States. Her writing is included in several anthologies, and her artwork is held in many collections, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts.


She has collaborated with poets, writers, and visual artists on several projects. She has taught poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, revision, sewing, design, fiber art, bookmaking, and other two and three dimensional visual arts workshops to people of all ages and backgrounds.


For Additional Information, please email or visit Pre-Registration is required!









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